Prevent Common HVAC Problems

Prevent Common HVAC Problems

We'll tackle your HVAC maintenance and repairs

Your HVAC unit is a mechanical system, much like a car. The same way that you need to have a car inspected, your HVAC system should be inspected, too. Most experts recommend doing so about twice a year. AED Mechanical can come out in the spring and fall to perform your HVAC maintenance. If we find any problems, our top-notch team will tackle the repairs.

Let our professional company keep your equipment running as it should.

What happens during an HVAC system checkup?

Routine HVAC checkups have many benefits. In addition to catching problems early, they can also help your unit run more efficiently and lower your energy costs. A standard HVAC maintenance checkup includes:

  • Inspecting and changing the filters
  • Cleaning and removing any debris
  • Checking the condensation drain
  • Checking the thermostat settings
  • Checking electrical connections and voltage
  • Lubricating any moving parts
  • Inspecting the exhaust outlets
  • Checking the fans and motors
  • Checking the compressor

Refusing to take care of maintenance tasks can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs later. Take care of your unit by making an appointment for maintenance and repair with AED Mechanical.